SBA - Robotic Welding, Assembly, and Fabrication


Fully automated tacking and welding of steel beams

Robotic welding, assembly, and fabrication has long had the potential to revolutionize structural steel fabrication. It's now arrived and is making its mark having overcome past challenges and hurdles unique to steel fabrication.

Zeman’s innovative SBA technology is a true “game-changer” in steel fabrication. Today 52 SBA lines are installed. In 16 different countries worldwide. Our clients upgraded their production capacity by using multiple SBA systems.

For a long time, nobody thought that “robotic assembly and welding of structural beams” would arrive in the steel fabrication industry, which is mainly driven by a “lot-by-lot” production. It’s only now that ZEMAN’s SBA revolutionizes the conventional structural steel market.

ZEMAN has made it happen and proudly contributes added value to more than 20 countries worldwide to overcome past challenges and the hurdles typical of steel fabrication. ZEMAN’s innovative SBA technology is a real game-changer in steel fabrication.Repeated orders from various clients give evidence of the reliability and highest efficiency of ZEMAN’s modular concepts in robotic Steel Beam Assembling and Welding Technology.