Re-Open Days in Zeman

Scanning plate sorting beem steelbeam steelbuilding

On the 23rd of June 15:00, Steelmar invites you to visit the presentation of our partner Zeman Bauelemente in Scheifling, Austria.

The main feature of the event will be the Plate Patroller – a revolutionary helper that is bound to make the factory work without humans in the future!

The overview of the machines available at the event:


  • Automates the Scanning & Sorting of plates and add-on parts
  • Improves internal logistics
  • Checks and assures quality:

○      Traces & tracks all your plates

○      Sort plates as you wish (production batches, beams, etc.)

  • Increases your efficiency
  • You can connect SPS with any material handling system (Fabtrol, excel, etc.)

PP Plate Patroller

  • AGV – Autonomous Guided Vehicle
  • Freely navigates through your facility
  • Designed to navigate complex environments
  • Point-to-point precision while under heavy load
  • Improves health & safety
  • Increases productivity
  • Rapid ROI – Return On Investment

SBW Terminator

  • The Terminator 760, suitable for beams up to 760mm width
  • Highest precision of any stand-alone welding cell

○      Welding quality up to A15 and 10 welding layers

  • Perfect for future extension to an assembling station (if E-type 760 ordered)
  • Works with the same Pro-FIT software as all our other SBA machines
  • Highest efficiency is achieved by implementing the newest TPSi-welding technology (min. 65% arc-on)

SBA  Conti+

  • Highest efficiency and capacity
  • Automated infeed and unloading station
  • 2 welding robot towers, 1 manipulation robot
  • Designed to allow easy upgrade to a double-sided line: the SBA2 Conti+
  • Latest features and functionalities:

○      Fully-automated line-up and feed-in of beams from cross conveyor to assembly & welding station

○      Works with Synchro II

Synchro II

  • A revolutionary add-on to the present Pro-FIT software
  • Allows for simultaneous assembly & welding using both robots

○      Increases efficiency by up to 30%

○      Easy to upgrade

○      Increase safety

○      Increase productivity

○      Decrease your costs