STEELMAR paid a return visit to PROMONT s.r.o

On Monday, 17th of August STEELMAR paid a return visit to PROMONT in Slovakia, to see the facilities and discuss the available automatization possibilities.

Personal visits are a good base for future productive business cooperation!

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Rise of the PeddiAssembler Episode 1: The Sales Machine

Dr. Andreas Hofer explains why automation is the future of steel beam assembly and welding and makes some cool jokes in the “Terminator” style:

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Visiting Zeman with PROMONT(SK)

Our guests from PROMONT (Slovakia) were able to see the adventages of SBA Conti+ in person. The most advenced line for the assembly and welding of the beams can be doubled if needed “SBA Conti Plus 2”

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Webinar Session 5 SBA Conti+

SBA Conti design is chosen by fabricators running a plant with continuous material flow, allowing for easy integration in existing beam handling and demand for high output in finish welded structural steel. SBA Conti design consists of 2 robots for assembling, Read more

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